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Visit the town of Karlovac and the largest freshwater aquarium in Croatia – Aquatika. Croatia is one of the European countries with the richest ichthyofauna and flora. The city of Karlovac is famous for its four rivers and this makes it a particularly suitable place for the presentation of the natural richness of its fresh waters.

The aquarium presents the flora and fauna of Croatian rivers and lakes, geological history, traditional culture and history of the basin of four Karlovac rivers. Visitors can witness richness of life in rivers and lakes, and see more than one hundred freshwater fish species, of which 40 are endemic.

After the visit to the aquarium there will be enough free time to explore the six-pointed star-shaped town of Karlovac.

Included in price

Entrance ticket to the Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac

Not included in price

Meals and drinks



Departure from your hotel in Zagreb or any other pick up location in center of Zagreb (on request).

09:00 Departure from Zagreb

10:00 Arrival in Aquatika Freswater Aquarium

12:30 Free time in Karlovac

14:30 Expected arrival in Zagreb

* time schedule may vary due to the traffic/crowd conditions


Discover Karlovac, the town of four rivers
Visit the largest freshwater aquarium in Croatia
See more than 100 fish species and 40 endemic species